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Aciclovir is used in decreasing the pain and speeding up the healing of blisters or sores in people with varicella or chickenpox, herpes zoster or shingles, and first-time or repeat outbreaks of genital herpes. It is also used to prevent an outbreak of genital herpes in people who have been infected with the virus.


What is Aciclovir?


The main thing an aciclovir drug does is reduce or decrease the length of pain brought by various types of viruses that brings sores to certain areas of the body. It’s known for its great ability to help treat and prevent the extended occurrence of chickenpox and herpes outbreaks.


It can also be a beneficial drug for those who suffer from a severe form of itching in the skin brought by these types of diseases and shorten the amount of healing time. The most significant use that it has is its powerful potential to block viruses from escalating to more areas of your system, which results in a decrease in infection rate.


How Does an Aciclover Drug Works?


Aciclovir contains anti-viral components. It works by preventing viruses from spreading across your entire body, making the pain much more manageable. In the case of herpes, Aciclovir stops it from increasing exponentially inside your system to reduce the possible risk of further infection.


But as someone who plans to take this medication, you have to take note that this drug doesn’t fully cure the disease or kill the virus right away, especially with herpes cases. Its main job is just to help minimize and shrink down the wide scope of symptoms brought by these viruses. You can expect episodes to show up in your body but Aciclovir will help these episodes to not be as worse than how it usually was. 


Side Effects of Taking Aciclovir Drug


There’s no doubt that Aciclovir is made with a good purpose especially to help those people who are going through a viral infection. However, side effects are inevitable in almost all forms of medicines even the most expensive ones. Let us break down the possible side effects that one person can encounter when taking an aciclovir drug:


  1. You can expect to feel a little bit nauseous and giddy.
  2. Headaches tend to occur quite sometime after you have taken the drug.
  3. One thing that you need to take note of is that Aciclovir can harm your kidneys. Either of your kidneys can be at possible risk for bleeding. 
  4. Diarrhea will also most likely to occur. 


Here are more serious side effects of taking Aciclovir:


  • Body weakness
  • Mental hallucinations
  • Increase heart rate 
  • Discomfort
  • Vomiting
  • Fever
  • Insomnia
  • Odd aggressive behavior
  • A feeling of numbness throughout your body
  • Bloods may occur during urination 
  • Breathing difficulty
  • Allergic reaction
  • Possible loss of your consciousness
  • Rashes or extreme itching
  • Pale skin 


A lot of medical experts say that if you are someone from the vulnerable age range and who currently has or previously had conditions in your kidney, heart, and other organs, you would be most likely to develop any of these side effects in the long run. 


That is why it is important to have an appointment with your doctor and tell if you have any existing body condition before you decide to take a dose of this medicine. It is a must to be fully equipped with the right knowledge so you would be out of harm’s way. Some of those side effects mentioned above can be fatal, so ensure that your body is capable enough of taking this type of anti-viral drug. 


How to Properly Take This Medicine?


You cannot just take medicines without proper knowledge of how it should be done, especially with the anti-viral classification of drugs. 


Aciclovir is supposed to enter your body by the use of your mouth. Aciclovir comes in a capsule, a tablet, or in a liquid solution (suspension) forms.  You can choose from any of these according to your preference and of course with a guide from your doctor. Here are some ways on how to take this anti-viral drug to get the most of its effect.

Your body can absorb or take this drug 2 to 5 times daily. You can take this with or without having to eat foods before getting your daily dosage. 

The amount of dosage for you varies on different factors. It is sometimes based on your age, weight, height, and how mild or severe your condition is.

This drug can be taken the moment you observe your very first symptom. For those who have herpes, this medicine should be taken by your body up to a year (12 months) for 2 to 5 times in a day. 

It would be best to build or create a same-time day to day schedule when taking this medicine. In that way, you can have a regular routine and it would be easier for you to remember when you are going to have your medication. 

Make sure to consult your doctor first. Follow his/her recommendation for your case because each case may differ from time to time. If you have further inquiries about your medication, you can always ask help from your doctor for a more specific and effective guide. 

Remember to only intake the right amount of dosage daily. Do not take more than or less than what was prescribed to you by your doctor. 

It would also be best to keep in touch with your doctor regarding your symptoms to know if you should adjust your daily dosage or not. Do not hesitate to call your doctor when the symptoms get worse or better so you would be monitored well. 

If suspension or liquid form of Aciclovir is your choice, make sure that before you take that medicine up into your mouth, you should first shake the bottle well so you would get more effective results. 

Also, you have to take note that finishing the prescribed treatment period would help you see more positive effects in your body. If you happen to pause your treatment sooner than what was recommended, there would be a possible tendency that the symptoms would persist or become worse. 

It is also a must to keep your body hydrated during the entire duration of this treatment. Drink enough water daily.

If you are pregnant, planning to have a baby, or is currently doing the job of breastfeeding, it is a must to inform your doctor right away so you would be given the right prescription to not cause any harm to your baby. 


How Long Will Aciclovir Take Effect?


Normally, Aciclovir takes effect up to three days after your first intake. After three days, you can already see an improvement from the symptoms that your body was showing. That’s why it is important to follow your prescribed daily dosage to see a more visible and positive result. For those who are suffering from chickenpox, you can start seeing the effect after 2 days of having your first aciclovir treatment. 


What Should You Eat and Drink During the Entire Treatment Period?


Any type of treatment should be paired with a healthy daily meal. For a more specific diet for your needs, you can reach out to your doctor for a guide that will work best with your current condition. Ask for what is good for you and what is not, especially for pregnant women. 


Do not forget to drink the right amount of water in a day. Keep yourself hydrated all the time.


What if I am Taking Two or More Medicines at the Same Time?

In most cases, taking two different kinds of medicines for different purposes can significantly reduce its effect and produce more severe side effects especially when you are taking it with an Aciclovir. Do not forget to inform your doctor if you are taking another treatment so you would be prescribed with what is the best thing to do to manage your drug interaction better.


How Do I Know If I Purchased a Legit and Safe Aciclovir Online?


If you are planning to purchase your aciclovir drug online, be aware that there are sites that sell fake drugs, and are only taking advantage of your money. It is important to be wise when deciding which of these medicines you should buy to keep yourself out of harm’s way. 


Here’s what you can do to avoid intaking the wrong one: 


  1. Consult your doctor if it is safe for you to purchase this medicine online.
  2. Ask your doctor about the credibility of these online medicine stores.
  3. If you already found a safe site, always consider having an online consultation with any legit doctor from this online medicine site to make sure that you are getting the right treatment for your current body condition.


How to Properly Store an Aciclovir Medicine?


To ensure that you are taking a safe and clean aciclovir medicine, be mindful of how you store your meds. Here are some tips that you should do to keep your Aciclovir as safe to take as possible.


  1. Always store and keep it in a clean and close container. Do not store it in a place where moisture exists and where the temperature is too high or too low.
  2. Keep it away from children’s reach. Children tend to be so curious, and there might be a possibility that they can intake these meds. It would be the best idea to store your aciclovir container in a cabinet that can be locked.
  3. Remember to also dispose it in a safe place and close bin.


Where can I purchase Aciclovir Aside From Online Sites?


If you cannot fully trust online medicine sites, you can always go to your local pharmacies to purchase your supply of Aciclovir. You can also ask your doctor for a recommendation. Always remember to bring your doctor’s prescription with you when going to a pharmacy.

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