Evra Patch

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Evra Patch


As a combined hormonal contraceptives (CHCs), EVRA is one of the most reliable reversible methods of contraception (if used correctly). It’s also a highly convenient form of contraception, because it doesn’t require you to remember to take it on a daily basis.


What is EVRA?


The EVRA Patch refers to a fairly common contraceptive method, even though it isn’t the most popular option for many women as they prefer the pill or the morning-after pill. However, if used correctly, the EVRA Patch has been proven to be more than 99% effective in protecting women against an unwanted pregnancy. The contraceptive patch is suitable for people who suffer from heavy or painful periods. Additionally, the patch is best suited for people who don’t want to think too much about their contraceptive method every day or right before they’re about to engage in any sexual activities.


You might ask yourself if the EVRA Patch is the best option for you. There are a few things you need to know about this contraceptive method. First of all, it is extremely effective but only if you change it according to the given schedule. The EVRA Patch ensures that only 1 woman out of 100 might get pregnant within the year. However, it’s effectivity is cut down to 91% if you don’t change it on the right day. Therefore, it’s important to follow the instructions of the doctor and the patient information leaflet found in the medication package. 


This is prescription-only contraceptive method, which means that you need to cleared by a doctor first before you can get it from the local pharmacy. In the United States, the EVRA Patch is referred to by its generic name, Xulane. It is also known by its other brand name, Ortho Evra. On the other hand, in the United Kingdom, the Evra Patch is referred to by its brand name, Evra.


If you’re looking for a transdermal and convenient birth control method, then the EVRA Patch is your best bet. Just make sure to apply it properly. Not only does is it offer a simple way to use but it also doesn’t require you to think too much about it. Accordingly, a single patch is said to last about a week. For the next three weeks, you’re expected to change the patch weekly. This is to ensure that the hormones found in the patch will be released properly into your system. 


The EVRA Patch is waterproof, which means that you can wear it in the bath, in the swimming pool or even when you’re playing sports. It also offers other health benefits, such as protection against different types of cancer. This includes ovarian, bowl and womb cancer. However, it doesn’t protect against any sexually transmitted diseases. Your best option against STDs are condoms. You can use EVRA Patch and condoms at the same time to ensure that you won’t get pregnant and won’t be infected with diseases like Chlamydia or Gonorrhea. 


How does EVRA work?


There are two types of sex hormones that are crucial in the sexual and reproductive development within a woman’s body, namely progestogen and estrogen. When it comes to EVRA and many other birth control pills, it contains two specific hormones that play a crucial role in preventing pregnancy, called ethinyl estradiol and norelgestromin. Because of these two combinations, EVRA is referred to as “a combined hormonal contraceptive.” This contraceptive works simply and easily. The hormones that EVRA applies to your body ensures that ovulation is not released during the menstrual cycle. 


Not only does EVRA prevent the fertilization in your womb, it also thickens the mucus on your cervix. When the mucus is thick, sperm is unable to enter the body. Because it is unable to enter the body, it cannot join together with an egg. Therefore, pregnancy has been successfully avoided. 


What should you know before taking EVRA? 


Not everybody can take EVRA as the patch might not be suitable for certain people. Accordingly, women who are regular smokers, are 35 years old and weight over 90 kg, have been instructed not to take the patch. There is a chance that some women might develop a blood clot while they still have the patch but this is incredibly rare. 


There are a few things you need to know before taking EVRA. If you have any of the following health issues, then you should inform your doctor beforehand: 


  • If you have had a blood clot in the blood vessels of your lungs, legs and other organs. 
  • If you suffer from a disorder that affects your blood clothing, such as Factor V Leiden, protein C deficiency and protein S deficiency. 
  • If you had a recent surgery 
  • If you might be off your feet for a long time
  • If you have recently experienced a stroke or a heart attack 
  • If you have had angina pectoris or transient ischaemic attack 
  • If you have high blood pressure
  • If you have severe diabetes with blood vessel damage 
  • If you suffer from a condition called hyperhomocysteinaemia 
  • If you have had any type of cancer, such as in the cervix, womb or vagina 
  • If you have experienced vaginal bleeding
  • If you have hepatitis C 
  • If you are currently taking other medicinal products like dasabuvir, ombitasvir and paritaprevir 
  • If you are pregnant, trying to get pregnant or breastfeeding.


If any of the previously mentioned factors apply to you, then don’t take the EVRA Patch. Make sure to always be honest and open about your medical history during your consultation. This way, your doctor or pharmacist can determine what is the best form of contraception for you to take, considering all the risks and precautions you have to take along the way. 


What are the benefits of taking EVRA?


The EVRA Patch is an essential option for women to protect themselves against pregnancy. This also allows them more freedom when it comes to their sexual lives without risking an unwanted pregnancy. With the help of an EVRA Patch, a woman’s menstrual cycle is regulated and symptoms of a heavy, painful period is lessened considerably. This is considered as one of the most reliable and reversible methods of contraception that are available. 


What are the side effects of taking EVRA?


EVRA can bring certain side effects for people. You need to know what is considered common and uncommon to understand how well your treatment is going. While the EVRA Patch may not be suitable for some people, its side effects can fade away in time. If they continue to persist, then you should inform your doctor afterwards to determine the best course of action for your contraceptive method. 


Here are the side effects of using the EVRA Patch: 


  • Headaches
  • Tender breasts 
  • Nausea 
  • Mood changes 
  • Menstrual cramps
  • Rashes
  • Redness around the patches 


There is the risk of developing blood clots when using EVRA Patches but this is extremely rare. Accordingly, the risk of getting a blood clot is higher if the following applies to you: 


  • If this is your first time using the EVRA Patch. 
  • If you’re a regular smoker. 
  • If you’re overweight. 
  • If you’re unable to move for a long period of time. 
  • If you’re detained to a wheelchair. 
  • If you have severe varicose veins. 
  • If you suffer from diabetes. 
  • If you experience migraines with aura. 
  • If your family has a history of heart conditions before they were 45. 


Another risk that you may develop while applying EVRA Patches to your skin is cancer. According to the research that’s been done, there is a small increased risk of developing breast and cervical cancer for women using this particular method of contraception. This is caused by the long-term use of progestogen and estrogen hormonal contraception. However, after you’ve stopped with the patch, then the risk is considerably decreased. 


How should you use the EVRA Patch? 


The EVRA Patch should be taken for the next three weeks and must be changed every week. After the week is over, you need to apply a new patch. After the three weeks is over, you should have a patch-free week where you may or may not get a withdrawal bleed. However, this is might not always happen for everybody, even though this is a strong possibility due to the hormones that regulate your menstrual cycle. After the patch-free week is over, you should apply a new patch and start again with the four-week cycle, even if you are still experiencing some bleeding. 


In using the EVRA Patch, you need to make sure to properly apply it. The first thing you need to do is to thoroughly clean the area in which you’ll be applying the patch. You can apply the patch anywhere on your body. Just make sure that the area is clean, dry and not hairy. This is to avoid any type of discomfort and pain in taking the patch off. 


But there are some places on your body that an EVRA Patch should not be applied to, such as: 


  • Sore or irritated skin 
  • Your breasts 
  • Areas where the EVRA patch might be rubbed off because of tight clothing


Since you are required to change patches every week, it’s helpful to change the position or area in which you applied the previous patch. This is to ensure that you won’t feel any more irritation of the skin.


The effectivity of the Evra Patch depends primarily if you’re on your period or not. It helps to have an added layer of protection during sex to ensure that you won’t get pregnant. If you have any worries, you should ask your doctor or pharmacist about needing any additional contraception. 


If, for some reason, your Evra Patch falls off while you’re still wearing it, you should stick it back in if it still sticky. However, if it is no longer sticky and cannot be placed back on your skin, then you should get a new patch. Do not attempt to use plaster, bandages or tape to hold the old patch in place as this will no longer be effective if it’s not sticking to your skin. If you weren’t aware of when the patch fell off, then you should use extra protection such as condoms to protect against accidentally getting pregnant. 


What is the right dosage of Evra? 


The EVRA Patch is available as 20 cm patches. Each patch is said to contain 6 mg of norelgestormin and 600 micrograms of ethinyl estradiol. A four-week cycle needs to observed when applying this contraceptive method. Make sure to replace each patch on a weekly basis to ensure the effectivity of the product. 


Where can you purchase Evra? 


The EVRA Patch is available at most local pharmacies and supermarkets. You can also purchase them online, as long as you have a prescription. By ordering online, you can decide how many packages to avail and have them delivered straight to your address.

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