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Orlistat is an effective weight loss medication. By limiting the number of calories your body absorbs, you are forcing your body to take in fewer calories while consuming your normal amount.


What is Orlistat? 


For people who are looking to lose weight, Orlistat is the medication that they turn to. Accordingly, with this drug, people can lose weight at a faster and more effective rate than if they focused primarily on diet. But it’s best to take Orlistat with the recommended diet. It’s important to take note that adults over the age of 18 can take this drug. When taking Orlistat, people need to follow a reduced-calorie diet. 


Orlistat has generic and brand names, which will be further discussed in the latter part of this article. 


How does Orlistat work?


Like many drugs, Orlistat works by targeting certain functions of nerves and cells within the body. In this case, this weight loss drug functions by blocking out the absorption of fats. Thanks to the effects of Orlistat, each time you eat, the fats found in the food you’ve consumed will not be absorbed by your body. Instead, this drug ensures that your calories are getting the right proteins and carbohydrates while leaving the fats out. The fats will eventually pass through your system unused. When you’re eating food, you don’t have to worry about gaining calories from the fat. 


What is Orlistat used for? 


As a weight-loss drug, Orlistat helps you lose weight effectively and quickly. When taking Orlistat, it’s important to take it with a full meal. It works more effectively with a full meal so if you’ve skipped a meal, then you should also skip the tablet as well. Patients usually take the 120 mg capsules one hour after they consume a meal. Therefore, most people take it three times a day. 


Where can you purchase Orlistat? 


Orlistat can be bought in many local pharmacies and supermarkets. It is available as both a prescription and nonprescription drug. The prescription drug is mostly catered for overweight people who are suffering from high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, or heart disease. This is why doctors usually prescribe this medication with a recommended diet plan. 


You can buy Orlistat in virtual pharmacies. If you need an online consultation, most stories offer their services as well. When ordering online, you can decide how many packages you need and you can also see when they will be delivered to your address. 


How much weight does Orlistat make you lose?


When you’re taking Orlistat, you will also be given a recommended diet to achieve the best results. Moreover, this helps you maintain a gradual and modest weight loss. You can even expect to lose 1 to 2 pounds every week as you stay on this medication. According to clinical studies, other patients have reported losing more weight (5-10) pounds over the span of half a year. 


Orlistat is best used when you follow through with the diet plan given to you. It won’t be effective if you’re just taking it and you might experience slower results if you’re just focusing solely on the diet. This is why people are looking to lose weight will follow through with the medication and the diet at the same time. Only adults are allowed this drug. 


Is Orlistat the same as Xenical? 


Orlistat is the general name of this weight-loss drug. If you’re looking for the branded names, then you should consult your pharmacies about Xenical or Alli. This means that you have three different names referring to the same drug. 


Orlistat refers to both the generic label and active component in these drugs. It’s cheaper than its branded counterpart, Xenical. 


Xenical and Orlistat are basically the same drugs. What makes them different is their branded names. Xenical is also more widely known as the weight-loss drug instead of the Orlistat. They both require prescriptions to buy from pharmacies and come in a tablet size of 120 mg. Some patients can expect drastic results within 12 weeks, as long as they’re following through with the diet plan and are taking the drug regularly. 


Both drugs shouldn’t be given to an overweight person if it is caused by hypothyroidism, which is a condition that prevents your thyroid gland from producing enough thyroid hormones. 


On the other hand, Alli is not a prescription drug, despite having the same effects as Orlistat. This is because Alli’s effects are smaller compared to Orlistat since they only hold half the dosage of Xenical or Orlistat. Instead of 120 mg, Alli tablets come in 60 mg strengths. Due to the smaller dosage, only ¼ of a person’s dietary fat is being blocked. 


How effective is Orlistat?


If a person diligently follows through with the recommended diet plan and takes the drug regularly, then the effects can be achieved not instantly but surely. Accordingly, if they had stuck with a regular diet, then they would not lose the weight as quickly as they would if they were taking Orlistat. This is why this weight-loss drug is catered for patients who display a BMI of 30kg/m2 or more. It can also work well with people who are overweight and have risk factors such as diabetes, high blood pressure, or cholesterol. 


Orlistat is effective in making a person lose 50% of their body fat, especially when paired with a recommended calorie-restricted diet. Other recommendations while taking this drug include having your diet be full of vegetables and fruits. It’s also important to equally distribute enough levels of carbohydrates and protein across your three meals in a single day.


What are the side-effects that you should look out for? 


It’s important to know what’s normal and what’s not when it comes to taking a new drug. When taking Orlistat, here are the most common side effects that have been reported: 


  • Loose bowel movement
  • Stomach pains
  • Irregular menstrual periods 
  • Headaches
  • Gas with oily spotting
  • Oily or fatty stools 
  • Irregular bowel movements 
  • Difficulty controlling bowel movement
  • Anxiety 


If these common side effects continue to persist, then you should immediately call our doctor to have that checked at once. 


What are other alternatives to weight loss medications? 


If you’re not comfortable with Orlistat or if you’re not allowed to take Orlistat, then there are some alternatives that you can take to ensure a healthy and steady weight loss:


  • Alli Diet Pills – an over-the-counter prescription that holds half the usual dosage of Orlistat
  • Xenical Diet Pills – the branded version of Orlistat


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