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Solpadol is a brand name for Co-codamol. It is a pain killer medication and is suggested for use by patients 12 years old and above. Solpadol is a combination of two potent drugs, Codeine and Paracetamol.


What is Solpadol?

Solpadol is a painkiller medication and a brand name for Co-codamol. Patients who are 12 years old and above are often given Solpadol as a way to treat their mild to moderate pain. Pain that cannot be treated by analgesics including Paracetamol or Ibuprofen can be treated by Solpadol. When combining the two potent drugs Paracetamol and Codeine, Solpadol is the end result. This drug is also used to reduce the pain patients feel after surgeries.


How does Solpadol work?

Drugs work differently than most. Some release certain effects that will often soothe a patient. Others will block out certain communications between elements in the body. In the case of Solpadol, this drug functions by interfering the transmission between crucial elements in the body that responds to pain. For a person to feel pain, the body needs to release levels of prostaglandins that will make their nerves more sensitive. After all, pain is what lets the body know that something is wrong. However, in cases where it’s just simply unbearable to endure the pain any longer, people take painkillers to give them some relief.

Solpadol interferes the transmissions in the body that increases the levels of prostaglandins. This reduces the overall sensitivity a person feels, making them feel lesser or no pain at all. This is why doctors prescribe this medication if most painkillers don’t work as it’s very effective.

Some doctors might consider codeine as a way to treat pain. Codeine is another type of opioid. Opioid refers to a drug that is able to copy the body’s natural painkilling hormones aka endorphins. When people take opioid type drugs, their bodies are able to block out most, if not all, pain sensation messages that are sent to the brain. Therefore, they are relieved of the pain they’re feeling. Other kinds of opioids exist. Because Solpadol contains codeine which is an opioid, it is prescription-based medication. Therefore, if you’re not allowed by your doctor to take any, then you can’t buy Solpadol in the pharmacy.


What are the advantages of Solpadol?

Thanks to its pain-relieving effects, Solpadol is recommended by doctors to treat patients’ pain. If a person continues to endure their pain, they might not be able to perform or work well to the best of their abilities. Therefore, it stops them from being productive in their daily activities. However, when taking Solpadol, the neurons transmitting pain signals to their brains are blocked out. Therefore, the pain they feel isn’t as extreme or severe as before. Once this has been fixed, they can return to their daily routine without being unproductive.


What are the side effects of Solpadol?

Despite its pain-relieving effects, there are many things a person needs to look out for when they’re under this medication. Due to what it’s made of—paracetamol and codeine—Solpadol will produce the same effects as other opioid drugs. This includes vomiting, confusion, dizziness, nausea, urinary problems, constipation and many others. Additionally, because of its ability to not make a person feel pain, people can develop more tolerance to its effects and a result, will require more of it to undergo the desired outcome.

Opioid addiction is a serious issue for a person and it can start out small. Once dependent of the drug, a person will feel the typical withdrawal symptoms. This includes restlessness, irritability, changes in appetite, changes in mood, muscle pain, difficulty in sleeping and many more. When a person has relied heavily on a drug, it can have both mental and physical effects on them. Therefore, it’s important to follow the doctor’s instructions regarding the medication.


When should you not use Solpadol?

When consulting with a doctor, it’s important for a patient to inform them regarding any health issues they may have in the past. This includes respiratory problems, alcoholism, head injuries, raised cranial pressure, acute asthma attacks or if they’ve had biliary tract surgery. For patients who are aged below 17 years old and who’ve recently undergone tonsillectomy or adenoidectomy, they are not allowed to use Solpadol. Moreover, patients who underwent CYPD2D6 ultra-rapid metabolizing treatment should not take this type of medication.


What is the right dosage of Solpadol for you?

When it comes to Solpadol, dosage is extremely important. The doctor needs to calculate the dosage according to a number of factors, such as a person’s sex, age, previous health issues and the severity of their pain. However, this drug is not recommended for children aged 12 years and below. Other drugs with less powerful effects can be given to children of this age bracket.

The codeine can come in various strengths such as 8 mg, 15 mg and 30 mg. The strength depends primarily on the aforementioned factors. When under this medication, patients are told to take 1-2 tablets every four to six hours. A maximum of 8 tablets within 24 hours must be observed.

Adults are told to take 2 capsules during the 4 to 6-hour interval. On the other hand, children aged 12 to 15 years old have been given the recommendation to drink one capsule every 4-6 hours. They should only consume 4 tablets within 24 hours. For children who are belong to the 16-18 age bracket, they can take 1-2 capsules every 4-6 hours. However, just like their younger counterparts, a maximum of 4 tablets should be maintained.

A patient is given three days under this Solpadol treatment.


How do you take Solpadol?

Since Solpadol is a tablet, it should be taken with a glass of water. It can be taken with or without a meal. It’s important to maintain a schedule with it so that you won’t forget. Never take two tablets at the same time.


Where can you purchase Solpadol?

Solpadol is available in your local pharmacy. Just be sure to bring a doctor’s prescription with you as the pharmacist won’t give you the necessary medication. If you want to purchase Solpadol online, there are many virtual stores that offer online consultation. However, it’s imperative that you ensure the validity and legality of the online store that you’ve chosen. Other sketchy stores will give you counterfeit medication, which can be detrimental for your health.

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