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Trimethoprim is an antibiotic to treat bacterial infections. It is suitable for the treatment of acute urinary and other bacterial infections. It is a not a treatment for viral infections such as the common cold and flu.


What is Trimethoprim?

Trimethoprim is an anti-bacterial medication. It is used for the treatment of bacteria-caused diseases and infections. However, this is not recommended for all types of bacteria-related infections. This is for urinary tract infections and can also be used for chest and skin infections like acne. Trimethoprim is not suitable for flu and other common diseases caused by viruses. 


It cannot be used without a doctor’s prescription. Trimethoprim is available in the form of tablets and suspensions. Remember to not use this medication if not necessary so you can see its full effect. Taking this in the proper amount of dosage is highly recommended for the best results.


Advantages of Trimethoprim

This medication is known for its ability to stop the growth rate of bacteria at a significant level. As a result, the risk of infection would also become much lower. Aside from treating urinary tract infections, Trimethoprim can also be used for the treatment of lung infections like pneumonia. 


How Does Trimethoprim Work?

Since Trimethoprim is an antibacterial drug, its main purpose is to stop the growth of bacteria within the body to prevent infection from taking over your system. Bacteria can be found anywhere, especially in the food that you intake daily, and in the air you breathe. Once they enter your body, certain problems may arise. They will target some of your major organs and reproduce, causing your organs to get infected. One of the most common types of bacterial infection is UTI. This occurs in any area of your urinary system. 


These bacteria fed themselves and rely on their reproduction to folic acid. Folic acid is also the one that’s used by our body cells to grow and multiply. Bacteria can take advantage of your body’s folic acid, making them more dominant inside your system. So, how can Trimethoprim combat stubborn bacteria? Trimethoprim is a powerful drug that can stop the production of folic acid by the bacteria. Once they can’t produce any more folic acid, their entire system will become weak and will eventually lead them to decrease their capacity to multiply and cause further infection to a certain body part. Your immune system will then do its job to kill the remaining alive bacteria.


How to Use Trimethoprim?

In taking this kind of medication, there are certain keynotes that you have to consider to protect your safety and ensure the effectiveness of this drug. They are as follows:

  1. This medication should enter your body through your mouth. You can choose from two types, a tablet and a suspension (the one in liquid form). Sometimes, it depends on the preference of the patient, and some recommended by the doctor.
  2. How much would be the right dosage for you? Take note that you cannot just drink this medicine with a random dosage. The dosage in taking Trimethoprim depends on how serious the infection is in your body. This can also vary depending on your age and weight. Taking the wrong dosage can lead you to overdose or can lessen the effectiveness of the drug in responding to your infection. 
  3. Always take your doctor’s words when planning to take this medicine. Your doctor knows what would be the best option for you.
  4. It would be better to have a regular schedule when taking your daily dose of Trimethoprim. This can help you track how many times you have already had your treatment for the day, which can help you not miss a dose of it. 
  5. Also, when you take the medicine at a regular pace, you are allowing your bloodstream to get a constant dose of it. It would be a lot better to not miss a single dose, however, certain circumstances cannot be avoided so make sure that you take one right away after you remember. You also have to remember that taking more than what was prescribed to you will make your body more resistant to the antibiotic thus decreasing its effectiveness. 
  6. It’s most advisable to finish the entire duration of what was recommended to you by your doctor when taking this medicine. If you stop taking the treatment earlier than what was prescribed, you would most likely develop the infection back again when the medication fades in your system. Make sure to allow the infection to fully heal before you decide to stop the treatment.


How Many Dosages Should I Take?

Trimethoprim is usually recommended to be taken twice a day. One dose in the morning and another one for the evening. Unlike other forms of medicine, you can take this medication with or without having a meal.


Here is some recommended amount of dosage depending on what type of infection you have:


  1. For those suffering from a UTI infection, it is recommended to have 200g of dose twice a day. There will be instances where your doctor might suggest you double the dose on your first day of treatment.
  2. To prevent the presence of further infection, doctors recommend having a 100g of Trimethoprim dose per day of intake.
  3. Another type of bacterial infection is called cystitis. This infection can develop after having sex. To treat this, you are recommended to have a 100g of Trimethoprim dosage and take it once. 
  4. If you suffer from a severe case of acne, you can use Trimethoprim as a treatment. It is suggested to have 300g of dosage for two times in a day. Once improvement starts to get visible, your doctor will have to decrease your daily amount of dosage.


You need to also keep in mind that your dose for this treatment also depends on the current condition of your kidney. 


Who is Allowed to Take This Treatment?

Children and adults are allowed to take this medicine. However, there will always be an exemption. Before deciding to take this medicine, it is important to know if this is safe for your body. 

  1. Always have a consultation with a legit doctor before allowing your body to have a dose of this medicine. Be transparent to your doctor about your current body condition. If you suffered from a serious disease in the past, make sure to tell your doctor right away so you can know if this treatment would suit your current health status.
  2. It is not advisable to take this medicine if you have an allergy episode history from antibiotics in the past. Severe allergic reactions can be fatal if not handled well by your body. 
  3. If you have a low folic acid level in your bloodstream, doctors wouldn’t recommend you to take this medicine. 
  4. Also, having a blood disorder validates your ticket in taking Trimethoprim. 
  5. You also need to inform your doctor if you are pregnant or are planning to become pregnant. This is to help the doctor determine how much would be the right dosage for you and if this treatment would be for you or not, especially if you are breastfeeding your baby.


Effects of Trimethoprim

Just like any other form of medicine, you can also develop some side effects when taking a Trimethoprim depending on how your body would respond to the treatment.


Here are some common side effects of Trimethoprim on the human body:

  • You can develop rashes during and after the course of your treatment.
  • You can also feel a little bit uneasy and sick.
  • Diarrhea and an upset stomach are also a common side effect.


Serious and rare side effects of Trimethoprim:

  1. Serious skin allergy and severe form of rashes. There are some cases where patients have developed a burn-like condition on their skin after taking this treatment.
  2. Abnormality in heartrate
  3. Extreme muscle weakness and feeling of tiredness even if you have been doing nothing all-day
  4. Having sore throat
  5. Swelling of the skin
  6. Vomiting and feeling light-headed
  7. Extreme chest pains
  8. Unbearable headache and fever
  9. Diarrhea 
  10. If your urine and other discharge have blood on it
  11. Unusual bruises and bleeding in any parts of your body


If you have experienced any of these symptoms after having your Trimethoprim treatment, then it is a must to call your doctor right away. If the case is worse, call 911 or any local emergency hotline in your area. Here are some severe cases that need an immediate response:

  • Not being able to breathe due to severe allergic reaction and extreme chest pain.
  • Swelling of throat and face
  • Not being able to talk


If you have diarrhea, keep your body hydrated by drinking a lot of water. Do not wait until you dehydrate because that’s when diarrhea becomes fatal.


What if I am Pregnant?

Taking Trimethoprim as an anti-biotic will become less of your worries. According to medical experts, this is one of the safest medicine to intake by pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers. However, you need to still consult your doctor to know what would be the best amount of dosage that will fit your overall health status. Trimethoprim isn’t also harmful to babies that are breastfed. 


Where Can I Purchase Trimethoprim?

This antibiotic is available in online medicine stores and local pharmacies. If you plan to buy online, ensure that you undergo an online consultation with the doctor available on the site. You must be transparent to your doctor about your current health status and even with your past medical histories. If you plan to purchase in a local pharmacy, make sure that you bring a prescription paper with you.

Please note: this page is only to be used as a reference of our price for this medication. If you are approved for Women’s Health medication, you will be offered treatment for you and the prescriber to jointly consider. However, the final decision will always be the prescriber's.
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