Vermox (Mebendazole)

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Vermox (Mebendazole)



Vermox with the active ingredient Mebendazole is effective in controlling infections caused by worms. It effectively prevents the worms from absorbing sugar, leading to their eventual death.


What is Vermox?


If you are looking for a kind of drug that treats infections brought by worms, then Vermox Mebendazole is one that can help you with your body condition. This drug contains an ingredient that mainly targets the growth and development of worms (tapeworm, roundworm, whipworm, etc) inside your body. It stops it from spreading or multiplying, which makes the possible risk of infection lower in rate. 


Worms are kind of dependent on sugars inside your body, and one great thing that Vermox can do is prevent it from consuming sugar, which then results in its early loss of life. This can help reduce the feeling of itchiness caused by these worms. 


Advantages of Vermox Drug


Vermox can be used in a wide variety of treatments, mainly infections that are caused by worms that built a home inside the human body. Its main active ingredient, Mebendazole, is specifically added to make this drug work at its best function.


Here is a list of worm infections that a Vermox Drug ables to treat:

  1. Pinworm infection
  2. Roundworm infection
  3. Hookworm infection
  4. Tapeworm infection


Who Can Take This Medicine?


Before taking or giving this medicine to someone, it is a must to know what is the age range of who is allowed to take this medicine. A child aging 2 years old and above and adults can be safe from having a dose of this anti-worm medication. However, one should consider consulting a doctor first to see if your body can handle this treatment because this still depends on some relevant factors such as your weight and other body condition.


You can choose from either a tablet form of Vermox or a suspension form. This will vary according to personal preferences or what your doctor can recommend for you. 


What’s Inside the Box?


Vermox comes in 6-tablet package size and a 100g dosage or strength per tablet. 


How Does Vermox Treatment Works?


Since Vermox is an anthelmintic drug, its main purpose is to cease body-harmful worms from spreading and growing inside your system. It works by not letting these worms consume their needed amount of sugar until they become extremely weak and die in the process. It also prevents worms from producing more eggs while they are inside your body. While it controls worm population growth, Vermox also works its way in treating and preventing serious infections from taking over your health. 


Vermox cannot kill existing worm eggs. So, to make sure that you are not going to have these worms enter your body again after the medication, it is a must to observe a good hygiene routine, especially with your hands since they will most likely use it as a mode of transportation. 


Here are ways on how you can protect yourself from worm eggs:

  1. Do not forget to wash your hands more often, especially before you bring food to your mouth. Make sure to use a strong anti-bacterial soap and scrub it in between your fingers and also include your nails. It is advisable to scrub soap on your hands for 2 minutes before rinsing it off with water. 
  2. Worm eggs can most likely live inside your fingernails, especially if they are long and dirty. Although long nails look trendy and fashionable, it would be better to cut them off short if you want to prevent worm eggs from clinging on them. 
  3. Worm eggs can also enter on other holes in your body, and your private areas are no exemption. That’s why you must let yourself wear a clean piece of underwear before going to bed. 
  4. Make sure to clean the outside of your body every day by taking a bath. 


How to Make this Treatment More Effective?


Vermox is a great treatment for those suffer from worm infections. However, you must follow healthy measures to make this medication much more effective for your case. 


  • Ensure that you are allowing yourself to intake the right amount of dosage that you need. Consult your doctor so you would know how much is enough for you. Do not take more than what was prescribed to you to prevent yourself from getting overdosed and do not take less dose to not deprive yourself of this treatment’s full potential. 
  • Also, to get the most out of this medication, maintaining healthy and proper hygiene is a must. This is to prevent worm eggs to enter your body and worsen your condition. 


How to Take or Use Vermox?


If you are planning to take this medicine, you have 2 options to choose from on how you are going to consume this in your body. Vermox comes in a tablet and suspension form. This can sometimes depend on your personal preference or some doctors recommend what might work best for you.


Don’t worry, you can still let your child take this drug in a tablet form, however, you need to crash or dissolve it first for a more safety measure. This is to prevent young children from choking. 


On the other hand, if you decide to take a suspension type of Vermox, ensure that you have shaken the bottle well so all the ingredients are mixed up equally and can give you the result that you need. 


Things to Remember When Taking a Vermox Drug


  1. Always consult your doctor if you haven’t noticed any symptom improvement after taking Vermox for a couple of days. Observe if your symptoms have gone away or if you are already feeling much better so you would know if you should adjust the dosage or not, or if you should continue or stop taking this medicine.
  2. If you are pregnant or is breastfeeding your baby, it is a must that you open this up to your doctor before deciding to consume this drug. Try to inquire if this is safe for your baby or not.
  3. If you notice some allergic reaction after taking a dose of this medicine, consult your doctor right away. It would also be best to stop taking this treatment and look for an alternative that can work best for your condition. 
  4. Also, if you have a medical history or are currently suffering from liver, kidney, and heart disease, you should tell these all out to your doctor to see if this is the right treatment for you.
  5. You need to also be prepared for some side effects of this medication. If you notice some odd condition or pain in your body after quite some time of taking this drug, inform your doctor right away.


How Much is the Right Dosage for Me?


The recommended dosage for this drug depends on the severity of your infection, what kind of worm did infect you, your body weight, age, and other body condition and only your doctor can tell if how much dosage should you consume. 


This medicine is taken by mouth. Usually, in most cases, doctors would recommend twice a day intake for 3 days in a row to see the most effect. They usually recommend retaking this medicine after a few weeks. However, keep in mind that this varies for every person. Always follow what was prescribed to you by your doctor and do not go less or beyond than what is the right amount of dosage for you. 


Make sure to not skip a single dose and encourage yourself to keep taking the treatment until the recommended days are completed. 


Would I Experience Any Side Effects With Vermox Treatment?


Any type of medicine can produce certain side effects over the entire treatment duration and in some cases, these side effects take place after your full treatment period. Here are some possible side effects that you can encounter when having a Vermox treatment for worm infections:


  1. The most reported side effect is a stomach pain.
  2. Stomach and head discomfort.
  3. Diarrhea 
  4. Allergic reactions


There are also more serious side effects that can happen to you especially if you have a medical history concerning a more serious health issue. These are the following:


  1. Dizziness
  2. Vomiting
  3. Rashes
  4. Loss of weight
  5. Affected number of white blood cells
  6. Extreme allergic reactions


These serious side effects can lead to a worse problem. That is why you should inform your doctor right away if you have experienced any of those during and after the treatment is done. Take action before it is too late, especially if you have extreme allergic reactions and you are having a hard time catching your breath. Advice any of your family member to call the emergency hotline in case any of these situations takes place.


Where Can I Purchase Vermox?


Vermox drugs can be purchased in your local pharmacies or on safe and authorized medicine online sites. Make sure that you do your research first or ask your doctor where you can easily access this medicine. Also, you need to educate yourself on what is the proper dosage for you by having a doctor consultation before deciding to purchase one. If you decide to go to your local pharmacy, do not forget to bring a copy of your doctor’s prescription.

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